Guest Escort Cards

Escort cards direct guests to their assigned table

Elegant Invites® takes the same style and design from your wedding invitations and applies them to your escort cards!


FAQ: Won't my venue provide these for me free of charge?

Yes, escort cards are almost always provided by your venue. But before you decide to use them, make sure you see a sample of what your escort cards will look like.


Most venues are not setup for graphic design and stick to a very generic style and will most likely NOT match your invitations or overall theme. Lastly, the cards will be given to you blank and you'll need to hand write every one of them yourself!


Pro Tip: Don't hand write all those cards yourself!

We can now utilize new digital technology to print your guests' names and table numbers directly onto the escort card for you, saving you literally hours of tedious handwriting.


All we need from you is an Excel spreadsheet (see link below) with your guest name in one column and their assigned table number in another, we will take care of the rest!



Download our Free Guestlist Spreadsheet Template

We when we get to go 'outside the box'.

Seating Chart Hanging From Clothespin

Together, we can get creative and design your escort cards or seating charts any way you want; the possibilities are endless.