Printing Techniques

Which one is right for your style?

FAQ: Which printing technique should I use?

When it comes to the printing of your wedding invitations, the choices you have are only limited by the creativity of your graphic designer and your budget. Choosing the correct printing technique can even further enhance the style and theme of your wedding. We have perfected both traditional and modern print processes to create beautiful, stationery products for budgets of all sizes.


Digital printing is the most common, most cost-effective printing method available. Sometimes referred to as "flat printing," digital printing produces just that - a flat image that results in smooth, vibrant colors.


HP Indigo Digital Presses are widely regarded as the best in the industry for high resolution, full-color printing, and we have a whole fleet of them!


Foil Stamping is an easy way to add sparkle and shine to your wedding invitations. Foil stamping is a unique process that uses solid metallic colors and creates a slight impression when pressed into the paper. Our metallic foils have a shiny, lustrous finish that reflects light, creating an elegant look. We are proud to offer 15+ colors to choose from.


Letterpress printing is just as much an art as it is a technique, and it's certainly a labor of love. It's a hands-on process that results in something so lovely that you can not only see, but feel!


While not the cheapest option, it is arguably the one that will leave the longest lasting impression. In our opinion, letterpress is best using just 1 or 2 colors, which also keeps costs down.


Laser cut wedding invitations have become massively popular over the past couple of years. This technique uses no ink but instead relies on a laser to cut a design out of the paper.


If you have a larger budget for your invitations, custom laser cutting is a sure way of leaving a big first impression with your guest.


Besides the traditional square shape, we also offer four other special shapes for you to choose from. Changing the shape changes the feeling of your invitation, and each shape has it's own personality- there's fun, classic, trendy, traditional, sophisticated and everything in-between.